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Gotts Surname Family History


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Samuel Gotts/Bramble 1496 of Oulton

Thomas 1497 & Elizabeth Hart in Cromer

Thomas married Elizabeth 1498 Hart in 1852 in Cromer. Their children in Cromer were:

Outline tree 077

According to the cards held in Cromer Museum, Thomas 1497 Gotts was a verger at Cromer Parish Church 1890-1914, though he was dead by 1909.

Samuel is the earliest known person in this tree. He was born in 1801 in Oulton to Susannah Bramble. It is not yet established who Samuel’s father was, but presumably was a Mr Gotts. The name Bramble crops up in several of the records for Samuel & his children.

One story handed down through the family is that a Mr Bramble had a German Gotts family living with him, and he liked them so much he decided to call himself Gotts!

Samuel married Ann 1797 Keeler in 1827 in Oulton. Their children were:

077 - Samuel Gotts/Bramble Oulton/Cromer

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