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Gotts Surname Family History


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John 192 Gotts & Mary Story

John 192 Gotts was born around 1781 according to the 1841 census, and possibly in Gt Yarmouth if his marriage record reflects his place of birth. He married Mary 281 Story in Wymondham in 1781, with Elizabeth and Martha Story as witnesses. In 1841 he was running an eating house in Norwich, St Lawrence. Their only known child was:

Where did John come from and who were his parents?

There is a John Gotts bapt in Cromer in 1779 to Elizabeth Gotts, and another in Norwich to Anthony & Mary Gotts. Could one of those be John?

John Story 445 Gotts & Sarah Codlin

John Story Gotts married Sarah Codlin in 1826 in Heigham.

Their children were:

John 448 b 1828 in Norwich

George 446 b 1836 in Norwich

John Storey was a coachbuilder, as was his son George.

George 446

George 446 married Harriet, possibly Harriet Fisher in 1857 in Norwich, however he died in 1858, so no children are known.

In his will he gave his heraldic coat of arms to his wife Harriet, and his heraldic specimens to his brother John.

Do these heraldic specimens still exist?

James Philip 484 & Rosetta Susannah Black

James Philip 484 married Rosetta Susannah 3191 Black in Norwich in 1889. He was a baker in Norwich. Their children were:

Edward Thomas 451 & Alice Kuppers 3189 Allpress

Edward Thomas 451 married Alice Kuppers 3189 Allpress in 1903 in Norwich. Their children were:

In the 1911 census at 37 Somerleyton St, Norwich we find:

James P Gotts, 44, widower, a baker at the Co-op factory, his daughter Violet M, 14. 

His housekeeper is Mrs Mary Bunn, 39 and her daughter Dora S, 15.

John 448 & Mary Ann Winter

John 448 married Mary Ann Winter in 1858 in Norwich. They had several children in Norwich:

John did well: he was an Attorney’s clerk when he was 22, and continued this, with his name appearing in several legal documents. In 1864 he joined the Freemasons.

024-John 192 Gotts of Gt Yarmouth & Norwich

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